Formerly The Sugar Smart Sonic Suite
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Over a decade ago ...

Diabetes Support Services was approached by Dr. Junggi Hong, Assistant Professor from the Willamette University Exercise Science Department. We were pleased to honor his request for a study to be conducted on our population determining if whole body sonic vibration would help those with peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia. And it did! Dozens of people participated in his studies. The success of this research has been written up in a number of medical journals. Please contact our headquarters for copies, as well as testimonials - you’ll agree they are phenomenal.

The Diabetes Support Services board of directors was intrigued by this research. The need to continue helping those who had witnessed results, not only in peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia, but surprising issues that sonic had singled out and targeted for improvement made it evident  we should offer this service. And the Sugar Smart Sonic Suite, now with its proud new name of The Jiggle Joint, as our clients so lovingly call it, came to pass.

We make no claims on what sessions can do, we only listen to the testimonials of those who enjoy improved health and fitness.

The details on why the whole body sonic vibration machines were invented is shown on our video. Please take a minute or two to check it out.
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